What if I need a form completed?

Most forms are completed in one to two weeks, and there is a fee associated depending on the type of form. Forms are not completed for patients with an outstanding balance.

How do I obtain medication refills?

We make every effort to give you enough refills until your next appointment, but you may request a refill through the patient portal. If you have used your last refill of medications we may ask you to come in to be seen

​How do I receive lab results?

Lab results are provided via portal, phone, and letters. All labs are reviewed daily and anything abnormal will be addressed. We do not draw labs for specialists.

​How are referrals handled?

We usually use specialists affiliated with Chestnut Hill Hospital. Referrals are sent electronically and may be requested through the patient portal. In most cases, it is best to see one of our providers first to see if a specialist is necessary

​What if I need to be admitted to the hospital?

Our medical providers are on staff at Chestnut Hill Hospital but we do not make rounds, a hospital physician will take care of you, we ask you to see us within a week of your discharge when appropriate

​We believe strongly that vaccines protect our children and our community, and for that reason, we do not accept new patients (parents) under age 18 who do not vaccinate


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