"We Specialize in You!"


"We Specialize in You!"


"We Specialize in You!"


"We Specialize in You!"


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Latest Clinic News

Congratulations Dr. Kummer and Welcome Dr. Good!

2021 Linda Good Headshot with border

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Lauren Kummer has welcomed a new addition to her family! Please join us in congratulating Dr. Kummer on this exciting news! Dr. Kummer will be on leave for 12 weeks.

We’re excited to welcome Dr. Linda Good (pictured above) back to Mount Airy Family Practice! She will join us temporarily while Dr. Kummer is on leave.

Linda W. Good, MD, retired after 28 years as a founding partner and provider at Mt. Airy Family Practice. She discovered that she was not ready for retirement and most recently, has continued to work throughout the pandemic as a front-line caregiver.

She is especially looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the medical office that she knows and loves, both with the wonderful staff members and the patients.

Get Your Flu Shot!

Flu season is starting! We currently have a small supply of the flu vaccine and are reaching out to our at-risk patients first. When we receive more, we will hold flu shot clinics. We will share more information about them when we get them set up.

MAFP strongly recommends that all eligible individuals receive the flu shot. Click on the image above to learn about some common misconceptions about the flu shot.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events.

Mount Airy Family Practice has joined PentaHealth, a medical group.

To learn more about this, our continued dedication to your care, and how this will impact our patients, please click HERE.

Mount Airy Family Practice COVID-19 Response

We are dedicated to keeping our patients, staff, and community safe. Please read our COVID-19 response and office procedures.


COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots

The CDC is recommending booster shots (Pfizer or Moderna) for immunocompromised individuals. There is no recommendation for those who got the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine at this time.

You are considered moderately or severely immunocompromised and eligible for a booster shot if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have been receiving active cancer treatment for tumors or cancers of the blood.
  • Received an organ transplant and are taking medicine to suppress the immune system.
  • Received a stem cell transplant within the last 2 years or are taking medicine to suppress the immune system.
  • Moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency (such as DiGeorge syndrome, Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome).
  • Advanced or untreated HIV infection.
  • Active treatment with high-dose corticosteroids or other drugs that may suppress your immune response.


Read more about the CDC's recommendations for immunocompromised individuals HERE.


There is discussion about all adults getting a booster shot of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. The CDC has not yet made this recommendation. We will update our website when we receive more information.

Contact your medical provider about your medical condition, and whether getting an additional dose is appropriate for you.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Resources

The FDA has approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Mount Airy Family Practice currently does NOT have a supply of a COVID-19 vaccine. If one becomes available, we will contact our patients via email, and post updates here on our website, our Facebook page, and in our monthly newsletter.

If you've received the vaccine, we recommend following the guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals set by the CDC.

Philadelphia Homebound COVID-19 Vaccine Program

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is committed to making COVID-19 vaccine accessible to people who may have difficulty getting to a mass vaccination site, pharmacy, or other vaccination clinic due to various access issues. The Homebound Vaccination Referral Program helps people who are homebound and their families to schedule in-home vaccination services through different vaccine providers.

This program is available for any individual who is homebound or for anyone who would have difficulty being vaccinated at a clinic due to a disability. As part of this program, personal care attendants, family, and any other caregivers or residents of the household are eligible to be vaccinated during the same visit.

Set up a vaccine appointment for yourself or a person who is homebound by clicking HERE, or call 311 or 215-685-5488 (dial 711 for TRS/TTY assistance).

COVID-19 vaccine is free, though some providers may bill insurance if you have it.

Do We Accept Insurance?
Yes, We Do!

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We are partnering with RxLive to help you make sure that your meds work well together, reduce the number of medications that you need to take, and save you money on meds.

Make an appointment with an RxLive consultant by calling 866-234-4974 or by clicking here.

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